Friday, 2 January 2015

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The Healthy Vegetarian

cow - is my bum fat in this?
Leave it on the cow!
Vegetarian Cooking - Cheap, Easy and Healthy Recipes and Tips on Healthy Eating

Welcome to my new blog. Here I want to share my recipes and tips on being a healthy vegetarian. 

I've been a vegetarian over 30 years and can't imagine any other way to live. .  I recently had some routine blood tests and was delighted to find my iron levels way above normal - so much for needing meat to keep healthy.  I hate to break it to you - well no I don't - but no one NEEDS meat, poultry or fish. Do us all a favour and leave it on the cow!

People often thing being vegetarian takes more work and it may be so insofar as you probably cook from scratch more but that is wonderful - it is so much healthier than processed foods plus all those meats and poultry that are injected with growth hormones that pass into the food chain. That doesn't even start to deal with the conditions in which many farm animals are kept.

In general a vegetarian diet is healthier and it is easier to manage your weight as a veggie. You'll find some useful hints and tips on maintaining a healthy weight as we go on.

 I hope you enjoy reading and sharing my vegetarian life. 

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